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What is Throwdown Events?

Get ready to unleash your inner beast and push yourself to the limit! Aktivitet Nordic, in partnership with CrossFit HQ, presents the ultimate CrossFit competition experience.

Based in the heart of Scandinavia, we offer 6 licensed competitions in Norway and Sweden, designed to challenge athletes of all levels – from rookies to the elite. At Aktivitet Nordic , we believe that participating in CrossFit competitions can benefit everyone, regardless of their experience. Our mission is to provide a thrilling, inspiring and engaging experience that pushes each participant to their limits and beyond. We’re proud to be a partner of CrossFit HQ, ensuring that every competition we host is one-of-a-kind and truly unforgettable. With a focus on quality and innovation, we’re dedicated to continuously improving our competitions to meet the needs of every athlete who steps up to the challenge.

So, are you ready to take on the ultimate test of strength, endurance and mental toughness? Join us at Aktivitet Nordic for the CrossFit competition of a lifetime!


Sweden Throwdown 2024

Sweden Throwndown '24

in Sweden


Get Ready to Embrace the Challenge with “Team of 4 + 2” Format and Team of 2 RX, INTERMEDIATE & SCALED…

Norwegian Throwndown '24

in Norway

Welcome to the Norwegian Throwdown 2024!

Experience the excitement and community of CrossFit at the annual Norwegian Throwdown 2024. This competition invites athletes from all levels ( RX, INTERMEDIATE & SCALED to OSLO.

Norwegian Throwdown 2024

Halmstad Throwdown 2024

Halmstad Throwndown '24

in Sweden

Welcome to the Halmstad Throwdown 2024!

Dive into the heart of CrossFit competition in Southern Sweden on October 5th and 6th. Whether you’re competing or cheering on the athletes, this weekend promises to be filled with excitement, strength, and community spirit.

Oslo Throwndown '24

in Norway

Northern Europe’s Largest CrossFit Competition!

The Oslo Throwdown is back in 2024, bigger and more exciting than ever! Moving to the impressive Sport Arena TELENOR ARENA, we’re ready to welcome a huge crowd of athletes and fitness fans from across Northern Europe and beyond…

Oslo Throwdown 2024

Fitnessfestivalen Throwdown 2024

Fitnessfestivalen Throwndown '24

in Sweden


Competing at Fitnessfestivalen Throwdown and Prepared Classic should be a memory for life, whether you’re an experienced athlete or signing up for your first competition!

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