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oslo Throwdown

Oslo Throwndown

in Norway


Prepare for anything! We will test your skills, your endurance, your weightlifting and your pure grit in the biggest arena competition the city has ever seen!

In collaboration with our partners Eleiko, Prepared Programming and Nocco/Barebells – here is Oslo Throwdown!

fitnessfestivalen Throwdown

Fitnessfestivalen Throwndown

in Sweden

Competing at Fitnessfestivalen Throwdown should be a memory for life, whether you’re an experienced athlete or signing up for your first competition!
The competition is hosted by Throwdown Events in collaboration with Prepared, Eleiko, Nocco and Train Like Fight.

Sweden Throwdown

Sweden Throwndown

in Sweden


Each team consists of between 4 and 6 athletes, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 male and female. In every workout there will be 4 athletes competing. This allows you to decide – will you bring 6 athletes and select which 4 athletes compete in each workout, or will you bring 4 who will do all the workouts?

When you sign up you will find 2 divisions: OPEN and ELITE

Summer Throwdown

Summer Throwndown

in Sweden


As always, the competition is team of 3, and the competition floor with all events takes place outdoors. All equipment is supplied by our partner Eleiko, but the lawn, the water, the jetty and the surrounding area are also part of the arena. Together with two friends, you will enjoy a genuine west coast environment – with all that that entails!

ATTENTION! It is enough for one person to register the team, so you do not need to have all three team members ready at registration! All teams run all events over two days.

Norwegian Summer Throwdown

Norwegian Summer Throwndown

in Norway

We warmly welcome you to this year’s Norwegian Summer Throwdown 2023, which will be held at the Furuset Forum Arena.

With 3,000 square meters of event floor and 1,500 seats in the stands, this is the perfect place for this exciting competition.

Halmstrand Throwdown

Halmstrand Throwndown

in Sweden

Halmstad TD är södra Sveriges största arenatävling där nybörjare, Intermediate och RX-atleter gör upp om segern i CrossFit. Inramningen och förutsättningarna för ett bra event är makalöst bra och 2023 kör vi åter igen!

Två en-dagarstävlingar för att kunna ge fler atleter tid på arenagolvet. Är du sugen på att börja tävla så är det här tävlingen för dig!

Scaled tävlar Lördag och Intermediate tävlar söndag. RX tävlar båda dagarna…

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